Little ol' me!
Hello, I'm Joan.
23 years old, born and raised in NY.
Licensed practical nurse.
Lover of books, food, music, baking, being outside, Meg & Dia, boots, art, and the simple things in life.

Also I make GIFs!

Love of my life!
I'm happily taken by the best guy in the world!

"Life is good!"


bourbon barrel aged stout floats.


I hope the person I marry is okay with lots of sex, beer, and bacon. 

Livin’ the dream. 

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Damn this heat.

Damn it to hell Get it

I can’t wait, bring them baaaack.
How to mix your own chalkboard paint in any color | A Beautiful Mess
Things I will be doing when Adam and I find an apartment! I love chalkboard art/decor/what have you.