Little ol' me!
Hello, I'm Joan.
23 years old, born and raised in NY.
Licensed nurse, spoiler of patients.
Lover of books, art, good food, baking, flannel, Jack Daniels, strong coffee, friends, boots, rustic living, and the simple things in life.

Also I make GIFs!

Love of my life!
I'm happily taken by a tall, sexy, rugged, supportive, funny, amazing C.O. with a giant heart and a smile to die for!

"Life is good!"

Big changes!

By the end of the month I’ll be starting my new job AND moving out with Adam — finally!

So excited! Anxious and excited. Nervous about starting new things and being completely moved out of my mom’s house — big mama’s girl right here — but I’m so excited. Working in dialysis will be a huge change in pace but I know I’ll love it, and I’ve been waiting to move out with Adam — just the two of us — for so long now. 

Can’t wait to get things going!

Love autumn colors.

♡  Indie/Boho ♡ 


Is that me and Adam’s closet?
Hnggg yes.